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The Latin roots of the word Spa translate to health by water. The power of water is incalculable, because it influences the basic needs of growth and circulation that are intimately related to our emotional well-being and consciousness.


The heart and spirit of Monte Coxala feeds on hot springs that travel from 260 meters below the earth's surface. These waters have a high content of minerals that purify and regenerate the body, mind and spirit. We have combined a modern vision with traditional wisdom, so that the power of these waters is manifested in an exquisite experience that you can only receive within our facilities.


These ancestral holistic therapies offer a different and unique transforming effect of Monte Coxala. The benefits of these healing waters are impressive, as they facilitate and effectively promote the release of stress, fatigue and arthritis among other things. Our hot springs are highly recommended for integral relaxation and physical rehabilitation, as well as for personal recreation.


When we walk inside this sanctuary, we will find several open doors that lead to mineral water baths that are naturally at a temperature of 48 to 54 degrees Celsius. These bathrooms offer us a calming and regenerating experience that allows us to relax in a silence full of serenity.


At the top of the great pyramid lies a mineral pool that is under a crystal tip. This immaculate water therapy makes it easy for us to connect with our higher self and the energy of the universe.


We are on a figurative and metamorphic journey through the mind where the giant Olmec head acts as a door to a dark, covered pool of mineral water flowing into the pyramid. It is through this beautiful experience that a deep and internal transformation takes place in us, since at the same time that we walk within these healing waters we are restoring our body and repairing physical injuries in a natural way. This experience is a deep journey towards our inner being.


This Water therapy, helps us make a deep reflection on our being through the visual effect of the water that extends on the horizon, because the edge of this pool fades with the sky and the lagoon that expandS widely before us. The effect of this experience leaves us feeling unlimitedly on top of the world.

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