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The temazcal is a herbal and water vapor bath that was designed to purify the mind, body, and spirit. This powerful and ancient ritual of rebirth is guided by a shaman which leads the participants to a deep state of introspection and transformation. In addition to spiritual healing, temazcal offers other significant physical benefits that influence the elimination of toxins from the body and the purification of the respiratory system.

The temazcal also helps us reduce muscle tension, relieves stress and releases negative energy from the body creating a space that allows the positive energy that restores us to flow.

We recommend that you always participate in the temazcal with an attitude of respect, humility and trust. It is important to relax through breathing, since it is an indispensable practice for this ritual. The potential to live a transcendental experience through this ritual is greater when our body is open and at peace. This powerful ceremony is unique to each individual and can result in an experience that allows us to free ourselves deeply.



• Wear comfortable clothes and a swimsuit

• Do not consume alcoholic beverages or smoke at least one day before entering the temazcal

• Have a light breakfast (fruits, cereals and juice)

• I drank a lot of water

• Inform the shaman if you have any physical condition and communicate any questions that may arise before entering

• People with pacemakers should not participate in the temazcal

• It is not recommended for pregnant women.


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